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Print Solutions – for any of your individual demands.

To position a traditional company successfully for decades in the market, it requires the consistent implementation of an existing foundation of our corporate philosophy.

A flat hierarchy as well as short decisions and perfect internal communication enable us to combine long-term employee know-how in the company and to ensure daily lean work processes.

Just as important and a permanent focus of all our efforts is the product quality. We do not only invest in highly trained professionals, but also in a perfectly coordinated machinery.

The combination of innovation and standardized manufacturing process enables us to respond all tcustomer needs with customized solutions.

Only four years after the company was founded, Stempel-Herbst started with the production of stamps and a printing office. Within the past 60 years we’ve successfully gained experience in screen printing, including in the production of security labels.

The synergetic effects of our three business segments screen printing, stamping and engraving allows us always to find a perfect solution for your specfic desire. A small insight of our product range, click here.

We look forward, to convince you of our quality and performance.